Tuesday, January 24, 2012

homemade roasted red pepper cream sauce

Last night for dinner I made a homemade roasted red pepper cream sauce with cheese tortellini - a recipe I've been meaning to try out for quite some time! I haven't roasted a bell pepper since Home Economics class in high school - so that was like a blast from the past. This was an easy recipe to put together, simple skill-wise, but a little time consuming. To break it up I had a little snack and a glass of wine, pictured above!

Since I'm only cooking for one this week, this may have been a lot of food to prepare! (I also had a salad with mandarin oranges, avocado, and cucumber.) But I had a great time putting it together. The snack was delicious but perhaps a little too much that close to dinner.

Have you ever roasted a bell pepper before? There are so many things to do with them! You can make sauces, soups, top your salad or sandwich. I don't think I've ever had a yellow, orange or green one roasted though... maybe next time!

Watching the skin blacken under the broiler!

Prep bowls lined up at the stove top... diced, chopped, and measured!

Roasted red pepper, basil, and garlic in olive oil!

After blending the above, add half-and-half, butter, and romano cheese. (Really low cal!)

Cheese tortellini with roasted red pepper cream sauce. Delish!

This guy didn't leave my side while I prepared the whole thing!

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