Thursday, January 19, 2012

flit, float, flutter

I have run out of creative titles for my flying trapeze escapades, so I referenced for some inspiration (aka "synonyms"). "Flit, float, flutter" reminds me of The Sound of Music and it's such a pretty alliteration.

Week 2 of my Intensive Flying Workshop (IFW) this winter and I'm still working out the kinks for my turn-around (not yet video ready) but I'm seeing a lot of little improvements each week - a good sign!!

I'm starting to fly off a rise (a bar above the platform to lift you higher) - the level of thrill, excitement, and sometimes fright, is reminiscent of my first class over a year ago! Last night I caught the back-end hocks-off, off a first rise with an unassisted take-off. [The formula for the previous sentence is "I caught the {trick}, {platform or above platform, and how high} {whether or not an instructor holds my belt}" -- if that helps!]

And in case you couldn't tell, last night's theme was SPARKLES!

Not sure why it sounds like there's a helicopter hovering over head, I promise there was not.

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