Monday, January 9, 2012

manicure monday: ombre nails

I'll start off by saying when I saw "Ombre hair OUT ::: Ombre mani IN" on the Betches Love This Over It/Not Over It 2012 post it was totally lost on me. I was very much in the dark on what they were referring to when they said "ombre"... a quick Google search and I found this nifty pic of Lauren Conrad;
Photo from Daily Makeover
Oooohhhh... I like that!! And since I had such a relaxing Sunday at home with my boyfriend I actually found some time to pamper my fingers and toes. After going through all of my polish I settled on purple shades for my first go at this. I am also going to do this in pink/magentas, blues, and grays in the future.

To avoid any mishaps and painting the wrong color on my fingers, I decided to paint my left pinkie then right pinkie, switch colors, paint my left ring finger then right ring finger, etc. My line-up of colors included;
Lincoln Park After Dark, OPI .. Carry On, Essie .. Angora Cardi, Essie .. 
Lady Like, Essie .. St Lucia Lilac, Essie

I like the end result! Although, perhaps a light nude (I'm thinking Barefoot and Topless, Essie) rather than lilac would have worked on my thumb. Oh well... there's always next week!!

PS - I forgot to put on mascara today. Womp womp.

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