Wednesday, January 25, 2012

tax free

The greatest thing about being in New Jersey is the lack of tax on clothes. It really is such a welcomed change! This is probably why I never go shopping in DC. Also, knowing where you can go to get a GREAT deal on the little items you need means a lot! I haven't lived in DC long enough to find those go-to places yet, hopefully one day (soon) that will come. In the mean time, I'll wait until  my trips up North to stock up on necessities.

What type of necessities?

  • Down comforter
  • Pastry cutter (this will come in handy next Christmas... why wait 12 months when I can get it now?!)
  • Meat thermometer that won't melt in the oven. The instant read just isn't cutting it, folks.
  • Pillow covers to keep the feathers in!
  • A wood cutting board because ours has a big 'ol crack in it!
  • A glass pitcher... that plastic one is great for pool side, but not so much for dinner parties!
  • Wine bags, because we like to gift wine and I had nothing to wrap 'em in.

So, where are my go-to places for these items? Home Goods and Amazing Savings

I swear the Home Goods on Route 17 South in Paramus is the mothership. They were selling Missoni Home bed sheets for $255 the other day!! My reason for going there was to buy a new comforter, so when I parked I chose not to get a shopping cart because the more room you have to put things, the more things you usually buy! I promised myself I'd purchase only what I could carry (knowing in advance I'd be carrying a down comforter). Of course my first-stop was the kitchen section... how could I miss that?! The silicone cooking utensils were taunting me, but I resisted! I had a set of sheets (no, not Missoni) in my hands but decided against them because I really don't need them. Even though they were 550 thread count... ahh that sounds soft!

Amazing Savings, if you don't know about it, is like your updated five and dime. It has all of your essentials, for really cheap! I got a nice glass pitcher, a wood cutting board, and wine gift bags (only $0.79 each!). Their crafts aisle usually ends with a stockpile of markers in my cart but I wasn't as impressed on this trip. This is definitely the store where you can easily make excuses for why you need an item you didn't know you needed previously!

But, I'm not done yet... a few more days in New Jersey, I think it's time I stop by the clothing stores! But it's so hard, how do I say goodbye to this face, even if it for just an hour! 

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