Friday, September 14, 2007

classic with a twist is officially documented

happy friday fashionistas! you will never believe what happened to me yesterday afternoon..

so i'm drinking a vanilla soy latte from starbucks, talking on the phone with my friend, about to walk in the door to work (approx 10 feet away).. and these two girls come up to me and tap me on my back.. "i'm sorry to interrupt you, but we're from the style of the week section from the school newspaper, and we loooooove your outfit! can we take your picture and ask you a few quick questions?"

well.. that just made my day!! so next thursday, my trends will be officially documented online and in print. don't worry all.. i will post the article when it comes out!

and in case you were wondering, i was wearing:
--brown juicy couture cashmere sweater dress (i got that at loehmanns!)
--black tights from
--peuter metallic flats from coach (metallic is so in right now!)
--my Burberry leather tote bag with my books
--and some cute gold jewelry

i still can't believe they chose me out of thousands (and i mean thousands!) of other students.. it's a fashionista's dream come true! so my style: trendy (obviously, look what i was wearing).. preppy and conservative. but generally --> classic with a twist!!

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