Wednesday, September 19, 2007

wednesday campus inspirations

wednesday campus inspirations.. a weekly post commenting on trends and styles i see on campus. sit back, relax, and enjoy..

and a special thanks to ms. angeline for providing me with my first weekly review!

channeling some retro styles, combined with a touch preppiness, add in a little school spirit.. and you have angeline's fabulous combination of a youth crew neck sweatshirt paired with a pink polo shirt. when i first got to class this afternoon, i commented on her adorable polo.. white and pink stripes.. it was a great top for this warm weathered day!

afterwards, during our walk downtown together we were discussing the awkwardness of fall weather. how the early morning hours are in the freezing cold forties! while the sun shines and heats up campus into the seventies by early afternoon. well.. this combination of cold and warm does not provide for ideal wardrobe options for any fashionista. nobody wants to walk outside in the cold with short sleeves on.. nor does any collegiate fashionista want to lug around a jacket all afternoon when, after all, their outfit was designed around those adorable tory burch buttons showcased on its front (yes.. i am referring to a specific ivory jacket i have from tb.. and my clothing choices are usually channeled around this one piece when i wear it).

so angeline's solution to the problem this morning was to pair a youth crew school sweatshirt (which she got for sale at work.. yay for saving a few bucks!) over her collared shirt. she was able to fold her sweatshirt away by 3 pm and not worry about wrinkles or distracting others from her adorable polo shirt. well.. i must say angeline.. a job well done! this combination was a hit. navy sweatshirt with a pink collar was uber cute. it was preppy, conservative, school spirited, and fashion-risque all at the same time!

while some of you fashionistas may be frowning at the sound of this combination.. please take a second and absorb it. think about the ever popular spin-off.. t-shirts paired with polos underneath. it provides for a preppy sport look. i know i am a fan of these.. especially at football games.

it's been a while since i've paired a crew neck -- sweatshirt or t-shirt -- with a polo.. but thanks to angeline, i have a feeling that i will be thinking up many combinations in my head for the near future.

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