Wednesday, September 12, 2007

manicures are not always an option

when i'm away at school, like most college students.. i don't have much disposible income to play around with. so i have to make due with what i have. this means the manicures i would love to get every week or so are not usually an option. especially when all the salons around here are not so inexpensive.. unfortunately there are no cheap asian nail salons like at home. let me tell you.. those asian ladies know exactly what they are doing!

so once a week or so i like to change up my nail colors. as i'm sure you know, my hue of choice last week was navy (which i love!). but this week i decided to switch over to 'sole mate' by essie. it's a great aubergine (eggplant-like) purple. and they complement my leopard peep toe flats i'm sporting today!

but, my go-to nail combination: 'adore-a-ball' and 'sugar daddy,' both by essie. i love this combination, it's a great pale pink that's subtle enough to go with everything but opaque enough to make a statement.

what's your favorite polish combo?

and, another thought to ponder.. have you tried nude polish? i love it on my fingers with navy toes. and i have only ventured that way once, because i'm still nervous that a beige polish will not work with my skin tone. but, honestly i loved it. so if you happen to come across a shade you favor please let me know!

thanks, and happy tuesday!

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  1. does one not always love what they wear when they are a fashionista?