Thursday, September 6, 2007

these boots were made for walking

boots are all over. and with the fall season approaching it's really hard to resist them. so get your toes pedicured one last time, and prep your feet for some indoor coverage. that's right ladies... flip flop season is almost over. and there are plenty (and i mean plenty!) of options to snuggle your feet into this season.

rain boots have been around ever since april showers brought may flowers. but lately they have been seen on every pair of feet and in every retailer. and with so many styles and fabrics available, who wouldn't want to sport this fashionable and functional shoe?!?! for once, it made my father very happy that i bought a shoe that had a "purpose." one of the things i love most about rain boots is their individuality.. anybody can express a mood or a personality through them (this may be why i'm so passionate about shoes). for example, take sperry's rain boot it is stylish with its tweed lining and tailored cuts.. and the wedge heel adds a little bit of height to the wearer. and target has even carried walls and walls of rain boot options from polka dots to animal prints. but above all, the pariah of rain boots.. Burberry.

i own two pairs of rain boots... both Burberry. there is just something about that traditional plaid.. it's so chic and preppy, it goes with everything. i've worn them so often, and with my recently expanded (and expanding...) Burberry collection i have so many things to pair with them. combined with skinny jeans, a white t-shirt, and a black blazer it makes for such an easy, comfortable outfit on rainy days.. and i still get to look cute walking to class! my other pair are also Burberry. but they're novacheck print in pale colors, very cute. especially in warm, rainy weather. i recently got these and haven't had the opportunity to wear them yet.. but i have a few outfits put together in my head for that first rain drop.

so booties have been making quite a commotion on the shoe racks. they have been the talk of many fashion writers and bloggers since last winter. i was anxious for this hybrid-heel, a mix of a pump and a boot.. it's a bootie! but the stores out at school had none last season. i just didn't understand, all i heard was bootie this and bootie that.. but they were nowhere to be found, not because they were sold out, but because these stores didn't have them. well thanks to my fashion conscious mother (i'm still trying to learn her ways and become as shopping savvy as she is) i came home for a weekend and found two pairs of donald j. pliner booties (one black and one brown) waiting for me in my room. i got good use out of them, and they shall be making a return this fall season. but this year, upon my return to school and my browsing through the stores downtown i noticed a selection of booties. not only did this make my happy because i could finally show my friends what booties were but because this fashion item finally found it's way out to non-urban america.

for this season i recommend the via spiga 'alice' bootie ..because the button adds some subtle flair and these will pair great with tights and a pencil skirt. and the christian louboutin goya boot plain booties ..because it features their trademarked hidden platform and every shoe made by this designer is drop dead gorgeous [i am anxiously waiting for the day i buy my first pair!]

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  1. the pariah of rain boots.. Burberry.