Monday, September 10, 2007

my mother.. the professional shopper/style guru/master budgeter

ok, so i mentioned my mom on my prior post, let me just say, somehow she is able to budget her money and get the things most fashionistas only dream about and read about in the pages of vogue and instyle. but this woman can talk her way into a friends and family sample sale, get discounts off designer products for being a familiar face, and knows exactly when to buy which current trend. so this afternoon after a quick 5 minute phone call with her this afternoon i just had to tell you this..

some background info--
so last night i was e-browsing (what i like to consider the online version of window shopping.. you know, looking at christian louboutin booties and prada flats that don't quite fit into the budget of a college student) in between homework assignments and i found myself -- as i commonly do -- missing manhattan.. the hustle and bustle of everything, the sleek black suits worn by wall street men that are just gorgeous to look at, and of course 5th and madison.. every shopaholics dream. and then it hit me.. i have not yet visited sak's shoe department. yes, of course i am referring to 10022-shoe.. the 10,000 square feet home to 100,000 pairs of premier designers. so after e-browsing through their large collection i of course visited because i like to see what one of my favorite top designers is up to. especially since i experienced their incredible sample sale this summer and all of the wonderful, wonderful findings i came across at 75-90% off. well i showed my roommate their adorable little red patent manor bag on their homepage, commenting on the black one my mother recently purchased. although, i couldn't help but notice their complementing shoes, uber cute!

so, it's monday afternoon and i'm walking to class, and i decide to give my mother a ring to see what she is up to. well of course she answers the phone and tells me she and her two close girlfriends are at saks eighth floor shoe department (yep, 10022-shoe).. i couldn't believe it. well.. then she goes on to tell me that she is "trying on the cutest burberry flats, patent leather that.." and i interrupt "..match your patent leather manor bag?!" now that is some powerful fashion esp right there ladies! she said "yes, they are posted..""..on their homepage next to the manor bag," i finished her words again, "i saw it last night!" well we had a quick laugh and i was off to learn about the stock market in economics class. not far from my mind though were the peuter and black patent flats that i had convinced my mother to buy ..because with a shoe that cute you can't miss up on an opportunity of them both being in stock!

so what are your thoughts?? wouldn't you buy both if you could?!

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  1. minitmartgirl@yahoo.comSeptember 11, 2007 at 7:21 PM

    you are incredible.what a sense of style.tory burch should hire you!