Monday, September 3, 2007

navy for fall

so if you are any way in touch with the fashion and style world then you are very much aware that navy is in for fall! it has been making quite an appearance [in many of my fall purchases..] from blazers to pants to shoes and even nail polish. also a bit of fashion 411.. clashing is in. i know it breaks every fashion rule in the book, but try pairing black and navy together.. it's certainly an interesting combination. recently, i took a deep breath and while wearing a navy dress with silver jack rodgers and silver jewelry i carried along a black prada bag. i have to admit my instincts were initially focused on the bag's silver hardware, versus my brown bags with gold hardware (its going to be quite some time before i mix my hardware finishes... no silver jewelry and gold belt buckle on this fashionista) it was even hard for me to put my money and lip gloss in the black bag while wearing navy, but i was glad that i did. it was something new and invigorating for me, be a little daring. check it out.. i urge you all to try it!

and in case you haven't heard, OPI makes a navy nail polish which I am uber excited to try!! last month i went on a hunt for navy polish because i was just dying to paint my toes with it. well i did stumble across one in sally and i, of course, purchased it and went to get a pedicure. it was so cute.. almost black, but when it hit the light it shined and really caught your eye. i wore sandals for a solid two weeks to show off my navy tootsies.. and i was very happy with my purchase, it's a great shiny blue but i believe the OPI is a bit more matte, but i am anxious for it nonetheless.

here's a picture of the polish on my roommates toes (thanks for modeling!)

blazers have been seen all over lately. layering with sweaters and oxfords leans towards a more conservative, preppy look. but pairing with a silky halter and skinny jeans adds class (and warmth) to a cute outfit for a night out this fall. i usually don't pair my jeans with any blue top, so to wear my new tory burch navy blazer i may have to leave the dark denims at home in the closet. but with brown suede trim and fabulously shiny gold buttons i don't think i'll have any hesitations. i'm just waiting for the fall weather to sink in so that i can premiere it on campus.

another navy accessory that i'm looking forward to
premiering shortly are my new navy patent leather pumps! with an almond toe (so in right now) and 3 inch heel they are cute and flirtatious. the navy is a great alternative to a brown or tan heel i would have previously chosen to pair with a neutral-toned outfit. i really can't wait to wear them.. they have been waiting patiently for me in their box since i brought them home last week.

so after a long weekend (thanks labor day) of partying back at school i woke up and thought, 'what better way to cure a morning hangover than with a little bit of shopping?!' well i began missing my loehmanns that i frequent at home, the best department store with the best designer deals, so i did some web surfing and came across the loehmanns web site at that's where i stumbled into this pair of purple oversized gucci sunglasses i have been thinking about for nearly two months so i added them to my shopping cart then i proceeded to the tory burch clothing of their site (because i recently bought some tb clothes at loehmanns at home, and was very happy with their selection and prices, and i also have a slight obsession with the whole tory burch line) and that's where they were... navy wool sailor cut pants. i don't have a pair of navy pants and the wool would be great for those cold winter months that are approaching.. plus they were only $79.99, what a steal! i am very excited for these to come because tory burch pants tend to run really long and fit super well.

so with fashion week approaching and every designer's spring trends premiering on the runway this week keep an eye out for navy.. and i encourage you to pair it with a little bit of black.. take a chance see how it goes. in closing, something to ponder.. now that black and navy can be paired, does this mean we can wear white after labor day??


  1. wow. all i can say is, thank goodness i have a fashionista friend to keep me up to date on all this stuff because apparently i am in desperate need of your fashion 411. especially since ive never owned a pair of patent leather shoes, and if i had to pick a pair of "power shoes" i think i would choose flip flops. the black ones. also because until this post i thought it was "tori birch," i didn't know what sailor pants or almond toes are, and i was planning on wearing my white jeans this week. WHAT would i do without you? wanna paint my nails navy tomorrow?

  2. however, at least i didn't think it was "pat and leather shoes."