Sunday, September 16, 2007

to: metrosexual dads from: fashionista daughters

happy sunday blogosphere! i hope your weekends were enjoyable! well, here i am.. 7:30 sunday night, all caught up on my homework.. sipping a glass of merlot.. and waiting for my veggie burger to finish cooking for dinner.

my daddy came to visit me at school this weekend!! yay for parent visits, because you seriously get the best [free] food!!

i have to say, one great thing about my dad is how well he keeps himself together. he is always dressed to the nines.. and groomed meticulously.

he's also very fashion conscious (minus his futuristic sunglasses that we bicker over constantly).. when we went golfing today he was buying a wind breaker. he couldn't decide between the beige or the navy (which actually looked like black in the store.) so.. he asked for moi's advice.. his personal shopper/collegiate fashionista.

daddy wanted to know which was the better purchase.. since he wears black and tan pants paired with a collection of solid colored shirts. he ended up buying both.. but it was still really cool to offer him my trendy fashion advice for his golf attire. i swear, every time i see my dad i am more and more impressed by the trends he notices.. and the designer jeans that he buys!

so this blog is dedicated to all metrosexual dad's out there.. thanks for making your fashionista daughters proud!!

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