Thursday, November 3, 2011

christmas music

This is a debate I hear every year around this time... is it okay to listen to Christmas music in November? Clearly this is a decision of personal choice. I tend to play some of my favorites ("Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays" by N'Sync, obviously!) when I see the first snowflake. Sometimes that's October, sometimes that's November. And I usually listen sporadically until Thanksgiving weekend - then it's nonstop, 24/7 Christmas music straight through to December 25th :)

I'm definitely one of those people that can still listen to Christmas music in January. I absolutely love the holiday season and am not overwhelmed by the hoopla of it all. This week, I'll admit, I did set up a Christmas playlist (including Michael Buble's album because his voice is so magical) and was listening to it all day long.

I believe that stores putting out Christmas paraphernalia in September or October is just outrageous - but it has become such a marketed, commercial, American holiday it doesn't surprise me all that much. 

Have you begun listening to Christmas music? What songs are in your queue?

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