Wednesday, November 9, 2011

vanilla chai lattes

Hot drinks are one of my interests. Sometimes I'll choose a menu option based on my outfit (I think to myself, "If I saw me walking down the street holding a Starbucks cup, what would be in it?"). It's weird, I know. But my outfit is usually related to my mood, which is usually related to my preference for hot drinks. What's that mathematical relationship called? If A=B and B=C, then B=C. Can't remember... thanks high school algebra!

Back to hot drinks... one of my guilty pleasures is the vanilla chai latte. This is not a drink you can order in any coffee shop. In fact, it's not on Starbucks' menu! So whenever I do stumble across it, it's like the most fabulous thing that has ever happened to me :) When I'm in State College I'll head to Saints Coffeshop. When I'm in DC I head to Open City, sort of a glorified diner/wine bar/coffee bar. Haven't found a place in NJ... yet.

Yesterday was really busy, I worked from our kitchen table for nearly 12 hours because I never found the time to get dressed and commute!! I got a chill around 5pm and whipped up a homemade vanilla chai latte. Big Train Chai is the best, and the directions are really easy - printed right on the back!

Got all my supplies, ready to go!
 Measuring out the milk.
 Adding some water to the mix.
 After letting the milk/water get hot, I slowly add in the Vanilla Chai mix.
 Whisk to combine.
Pour and enjoy!! :)


  1. Hot drinks are one of my interests as well, I do need to adopt my outfits helping dictate my ordering of both beverages and food, etc. If you get a soy chi latte at starbucks, it is in fact a vanilla soy latte (Starbucks soy milk is vanilla). It's delightful with a Carmel drizzle.

  2. Sarah, that's a great call! I will have to try the soy chai latte, although I'm not typically a spiced chai fan which is the chai mix used at Starbucks. And ohhh a caramel drizzel sounds marvelous!! Thanks for reading and commenting :)