Monday, November 21, 2011

trapeze show!!!

Finally, after 10 weeks of practice up high the TSNY DC Fall Show arrived!!! We had so much fun preparing for our entrance, tricks, and exit. Our theme was Moulin Rouge and Michelle, aka "DJ Straddles", hooked us up with some awesome tracks to fly to!

Here's a picture of Rebecca, Shannon, and me before the show in our "dress blacks". Can you sense our excitement??

Here's the video of our entrance... we were so nervous it came out a little sloppy :-P

Doesn't everybody look so great in their trapeze gear?!?!

Here's my trick :) Honestly... I was so nervous that I blacked out before I went into my position. I just remember landing in the net knowing I had caught it!! Lots of adrenaline running through me. Also, I don't mind admitting that I have never before done a split with my left leg forward. Oh well, at least we caught it! (Look how happy I am afterwards!)

And, here is our exit! I just love how Will and Harold say goodbye at the end :)

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  1. You looked great - and performed beautifully! Thanks for sharing you blog! - Circe :)