Tuesday, November 1, 2011

half moons

I'm almost out of new nail design ideas! I've just got to grab some matte polish, complete one more design, and I'm all out :( Please share your ideas with me. (Tracy - I promise not to do the converse sneakers!)

Last night I got my nails ready for Rebecca's wedding this weekend! Hopefully it doesn't chip, because if it does I'm going to resort to a solid color which wouldn't be as exciting.

I have seen this design on Pinterest a lot lately. However, I also remember seeing it in some high-end fashion ads about eight years ago!! It was also super popular in the sixties. Plus, Phillip Lim's models were seen wearing it back in February! Seems like a design that's been around for a while and will ebb and flow with the trends.

 Avon polish in "Empower"
Essie polish, don't remember the name :-/

This was pretty difficult to do because I didn't use tape or any type of guide to create the "half moons". If you're trying this out for the first time, expect to get better each time you try it, and make sure you have lots of time and patience!
1. Prep nails for polish, including cutting, filing, clipping, and buffing!
2. Use a base coat.
3. Use your highlight color (silver) and swirl the brush around the top of the bottle to remove the excess polish. Carefully create a half moon shape at the top of your nail... It's okay to get polish all over your cuticles and fingers!
4. Using your base color (navy), remove excess polish and slowly trace around the half moon shape, then in vertical strokes fill in the rest of your nail bed.
5. Do a second coat of color, coming as close to the highlight as possible.
6. Using 100% acetone (so much easier and faster than polish remover) dip a small eyeliner or eyeshadow brush (I have one just for nail polish) into the acetone and trace along the outside of your nails to clean up your finger tips!!
7. Finish it off with a top coat!

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