Monday, November 28, 2011

ninja pants

Okay, folks - updating the picture here. Too much background space... plus with this version you can just make out my manicure!! It's "Candy Apple Mint" by Essie and "Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow" by OPI with diagonal lines. I was inspired by Penny's nails on an episode of "The Big Bang Theory".

You might remember these pants from an old post in September. I mislabeled them, they're actually Elie Tahari and rather than being referred to as "genie pants" they have now been coined my "ninja pants"! What's funny is that my mom called me as I was getting ready for work this morning (she's headed to the RJ Graziano and Theory sample sales in NYC today!! Hopefully Santa finds me something good to put under the tree!!) and I told her I was wearing my "ninja pants" and she knew exactly what I was referring to!! So apparently the description is really spot on. They're pretty loose on the hips and thighs, and more tapered at the ankles. It has an attached belt which I had some issues tying but figured out something suitable.

Today's high is 66 degrees, unseasonably warm for the end of November so I decided to give these a try. They're cropped above the ankles and a nice light fabric. I've paired them with a tight-ish Elie Tahari tank top, Tory Burch cotton blazer, and Prada black patent pumps. It's a comfortable outfit which is key after returning to work from a nice, long 4-day weekend!!

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