Friday, November 18, 2011

wine club

Our building just started a wine club!! Last night was our first event. We all met in the building's meeting room with our favorite "go-to" wine, information about it, and a snack!

Everybody shared why they liked the wine, where to buy, how much it costs, and any other interesting details. Ross and I brought Copppola Claret and Mondavi Meritage. The Coppola is my Dad's favorite wine and we can pick it up for less than $13 at the Costco in Arlington!! The Mondavi is a blend that I (thought I) remembered drinking in college. Sidenote: I was not a Franzia fan, I grew up drinking wine at dinner with my family so for me drinking wine in college was a lot different than my peers. At last night's wine club I found out Mondavi was sold to Constellation, the same company behind Manischewitz. Something tells me I won't be drinking any Mondavi for a while.

Of course I brought my very favorite snack to share with folks; apples, cheese, and pretzels. I even wrote a note so that they stacked all three items together :)

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