Friday, November 18, 2011

daily wardrobe

Wednesday was so hectic - party planner central for me!! I organized a lunch tasting to select a caterer for my company's Winter/New Year party next month. And at night I put together a social for former government executives. I was all over the place so I needed an outfit that was smart and comfortable!! I switched between rain boots, heels, and flats throughout the day.

I did a big relaxed curl in my hair that morning to keep it out of my face and avoid that "falling" look at 5 pm since I would be busy until 9.

  • Black velvet beaded necklace - doubled up
  • Tory Burch white blouse with ruffles
  • Theory gray raw silk skirt
  • DKNY damask textured tights in black/gray
  • Tory Burch black velour flats with grossgrain ribbon beneath medallion

Here's a little snapshot of dessert at Wednesday's lunch. I quickly learned one bite of each was the best method...

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