Tuesday, October 25, 2011

accent nails

These are my new thing!! Within three days, I've had three different varieties of accent nails using my new glitter polishes. Sorry, but I only have two photos to share!!

Friday Night
I only had one hour to get ready for my birthday night out with Ross. We were going to a casual dinner and then off to The Columbia Room, a private, speak-easy-esque bar inside The Passenger, near the Convention Center in DC (check out the picture of cocktail number 3, Gin Daisy). About five minutes before walking out the door I swiped on a coat of "Wicked" (essie) and dapped silver glitter on the tips of my nails, pulling it back a bit towards my cuticle. I mentioned this technique last week, here.

We got in the elevator and my nails were so wet, I asked Ross to put my scarf on for me. Then I promptly apologized to the guy in the elevator, caveat-ing "I'm not normally this high maintenance, my nails are wet!" Which, now, sounds rather "high maintenance" to me. Oops!

Saturday Night
At my birthday party I had to actually paint my nails while guests were there!! I'm more mortified of bare nails than I am excusing myself to the bathroom for three 5-minute increments to finish off the base coat, color coat #1, and color coat #2!! But they were all my friends and found it rather amusing.

Most nails were "Over the Top" (essie) and each ring finger was a silver essie topped with a thick silver glitter.

Sunday Night (and currently)
Sunday night I sat myself down for a proper manicure! Not one of the five minute, let's get polish on my nails kind of thing!! My cuticles really thanked me ;-) I went with "Power Clutch" (essie) and finished off my two ring fingers with a little gold glitter. I pulled it back like I had on Friday night. It's just enough sparkle to make a girl smile... :)

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