Monday, October 3, 2011

autumn is in the air

High of 52 degrees today?! Brrr. But a great reason to break out my new Michael Simon sweater coat (no, not the black/white/gray animal print one -- but that reminds me, tomorrow night is animal print theme at trapeze!). Maybe I should call it a sweater trench instead... it is 3/4 long, hitting above my knee. It's not lined or a coat, it is still a sweater. Oh, this is reminding me of sweater jackets back in the day! Remember those? Yeah, I could never wear them... they looked funny. Guess I'm making up for lost time.

And because I don't want to embarrass my male coworkers (or myself) I decided to covertly snap a picture of my jacket hanging on my chair's back. Because really, what guy wants to take a picture of his female coworker standing in the middle of the office? That just sounds awkward. So, anyway... here's a picture of my sweater trench, isn't it beautiful?!

I just love the demure print and the brown leather trim/piping. I have paired it with a pair of brown Elie Tahari suit pants, a beige silk Theory blouse (buttoned to the neck with a bow-ish /tie detail covering the front buttons), and brown leather Cole Haan boots. Also - you can see my brown scarf on my chair back... this is a mustwear outside, my goodness Mother Nature changed it up so fast my body had no time to adjust!

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