Wednesday, October 26, 2011

oh how i've missed the thrill

Three weeks since my last trapeze class?! Well, my  heart missed it a lot more than my hands (they're pretty cut up today).  I'm still working on my back-end split - which was rather rusty after taking a three week hiatus, but that was to be expected. So, no videos to share!

Last night's theme was Halloween!! Will certainly out-did himself again. Not only did he show up in leather pants (with a purple velvet blazer) but he caught the flyers at the end of class wearing leather pants! Everybody was shocked that they didn't split right up the middle.

I had about 7 minutes to pick out an outfit and walk out the door (yesterday was a busy busy day) so I opted for cat, which happened to work out well... all black, red lipstick on the nose, some eyeliner on the cheeks for whiskers, and homemade ears made from index cards, attached with bobby pins!

Let's see, we've got: a pimp, a Musketeer, halloween fan (Tracey, your socks were awesome!!), cat, bunny, hula girl (yes, she flew in the grass skirt!), and a halloween-themed butterfly!! What a festive crowd :)

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