Tuesday, October 18, 2011

lots to catch up on

For being in Atlanta for only three days I really got a whole lot done!! My dear, sweet friend Suzanne was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and I wanted to be with her following surgery to lend a helping hand and show my love. During Friday night a group of us girls got together for dinner and manicures! Of course this was the perfect opportunity to share my love of nail art. That night I gave Suzanne the water marble nail art design, and finished Alexis' the following morning! Suzanne went with pink, white and gold, and Alexis chose black, white and gold. I think they both came out great :) 

Being together was so much fun!! The girls got really creative and sang me Happy Birthday with a German Chocolate cake and "hovering" house candle. I say "hovering" because it was a vanilla candle in a glass jar that you'd have on your table, they held it up and I still got to blow out the candle and make a wish. (Remember how much I love my birthday?! My first celebration was last Thursday [Gigi's cupakes with Ali & Alexis], and the last planned activity is this coming Saturday [birthday party at home!]... a good week and a half of celebrations!)

On Saturday morning Suzanne's husband planned to participate in a breast cancer walk. He was out on Friday night when I arrived, but came home later with his toes painted pink!! It was so super cute, and I told him I couldn't help but put it on my blog. You are the cutest couple ever. He really loves his wife :)

Saturday afternoon was spent at the Decatur Craft Beer Festival. This was most exciting because I cannot find my favorite local beer in DC; Sweetwater. They even had my favorite flavor on tap... Blue! It does remind me of a blueberry, though that's surprisingly not a bad thing.

I'll refrain from adding the photo booth pictures up on here, although I am so tempted. Instead, I'll have to share with you the cute glasses we got to use the day of, and my nail art!! 

The nails were done by painting all my nails with two coats of my base color (I did teal). Then cut scotch tape into really thin strips, and lay the strips in varying patterns across your nails. Paint a coat of a second color (hot pink here). Wait about 10 minutes for the polish to dry and slowly peel off the tape. (HINT: before you tape your nails, stick the tape onto your palm to remove some of the stickiness which might peel off your base color polish!) I finished it up with a clear fast-dry top coat and was off to the beer festival! Mind you... I got QUITE A LOT of comments from the crowd. My nails were a hit :)
I moved from Atlanta to DC about a year and a half ago. Since my move I have been craving a meal from Nuevo Laredo, the most delicious Mexican restaurant in all the land! Seriously, I have never had another meal that compares to their fare. On Saturday night I was able to go have some chips & queso, and split the steak fajitas and chicken chimichanga with Alexis. We didn't even come close to finishing our food (or margaritas) but it was so worth every single calorie!! Just look at how delicious this is...

PS - Alexis, thanks for playing bartender on Friday night and making some delicious French 75's!!

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