Thursday, October 27, 2011

gel manicures

I'm sure you've heard about the new trend of gel manicures -- without all the buffing, sanding, and harmful processes on your nailbeds! There's OPI, Shellac, and Gelish (likely a few more, but I've seen these). They work great; perfect for a vacation, special event, or holiday - especially since you don't have to worry about chipping your polish while cooking.

On a recent trip to Bed Bath & Beyond I came across Nutra Nail's Gel Perfect. This is a UV-free, at home gel nailpolish! I couldn't resist so I bought a set, originally $12 but I had a 20% off coupon for BB&B. The box doesn't say how long you can expect the polish to last, however it does claim to set in five minutes (fabulous!), have a shiny patent leather finish (you know I love my patent leather!), and not require a UV light (perfect, because I don't have on)!! 

I've read through the instructions and it seems simple enough. Now I just have to decide when to apply... below are some options, please leave a comment and let me know what choice you think will work best!

1. Tonight - This weekend I'll be traveling out of town for a family birthday party. My other alternative for the weekend is to keep my current polish on, you can see it here as the Sunday Night picture!
2. Next week* - I'll be a bridesmaid the first weekend of November, which means it will be on for the wedding! 
3. Two weeks - I'll be attending a wedding the second weekend of November. Might wear my bridesmaid dress again, or I'm leaning towards a floor-length chiffon maxi in black & white animal print.

*Note, I'll be wearing a navy blue dress; sweetheart neckline, to the knee. My shoes will either be gold glitter peep toe pumps or beige suede lace-up sandals. The other option I'm considering for Rebecca's wedding is the marble nail art in navy blue, bright blue, and silver.


  1. how do you have a sweet heart neckline to the Isn't that a little low?

  2. I love gel manicures- not chipping. The key is to be patient when taking off the polish - you don't want to ruin your nails!

  3. There's is a strategically placed comma between "neckline" and "to the knee" ;-)

    Also... I agree, removing gel manis is time intensive! The most effective method I've found is adding acetone (100%) to half a cotton ball, lay it on your nail and cover/wrap your fingertip with tin foil to hold it in place for approx. 10 minutes.