Friday, October 21, 2011

nail strips -- an easy diy

Have you seen the Sally Hansen nail strips at your local drug store? Maybe a demo in a mall kiosk? Nail strips are all over!! I've been somewhat skeptical to try them, thinking they would be hard to apply myself or not stay on for a long enough duration.

My friend Alexis got me a Sally Hansen set for my birthday. She chose the houndstooth design, inspired a la Gaga!

I was pleasantly surprised! There are about 7 or 8 strips  available in varying sizes per hand. They were really easy to apply. After prepping your nails (file, cuticles, etc.) you simply peel off the top and bottom protective layers. Then center the strip on your nail and press it down, close to the cuticle line. Stretch the strip long-ways and a bit sideways, pressing it down on your nail to avoid any bubbles. When the sticker is on, use the provided nail file to remove the extra (don't rip). I finished it off with a clear coat to seal!! Look how cute...

I have received so many comments on my nails... from people on the metro, friends, Junior Leaguers. Everybody loves these and I can't wait to get another set to try on more designs!!

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