Monday, October 24, 2011

a quarter-century affair

Keep It Classy, Part Deux  was so much fun and a "very Caitlin affair".

 Ross (my favorite sous chef) and I spent all day Saturday shopping for last minute supplies, cooking the tasty treats, and preparing our place for the party!! I was so busy that I did not pick out my dress until 7:45... Guests were invited to show up at 8:00... Eek!! I also painted my nails between 8:15 and 8:30. I went with Over the Top by essie, a frosted charcoal, and my ring fingers were silver with silver glitter... accent nails!

 Here are some photos taken during prep and the final set-up!

DIY Candle Votives!

 The candles came in small plastic cups, I took them out and drew on the rim with a Sharpie. Then I pressed the rim of the cup down onto the top of the apple. I was able to easily trace this with my pumpkin carving knife then scoop out some apple with a spoon. Pop in the tealight candles and, voila!!

Melting caramels on the stove for some caramel apples!! 
 Puff pastry with raspberry jam and brie cheese. Use egg wash to seal the edges of the triangle shape, don't forget to top with an egg wash to ensure a nice brown crust when they come out of the oven!!
 My favorite sous chef cutting up the Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese for my favorite snack ever... Cheese, Apples, and Pretzels. More specifically; extra sharp cheddar cheese, granny smith apples, and everything pretzel crisps. This combination is sweet and savory, smooth and crunchy. Everybody that tries it is immediately addicted and I am on a mission to share this snack with all of my friends!
 Mini pizzas and bite-sized caramel apples with peanuts in the background!
All four snacks shown on the table with the candle apple votives and hurricane lamps with tall candles and dried beans!!

I was actually taking these pictures when guests were arriving so they're kind of rushed and I didn't get as many as I was hoping to... but it's still a good visual of what the food looked like. Up next I'll post about the bar with signature drinks and everybody's outfits per the invite's dress code!!

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