Tuesday, September 6, 2011

like mother like daughter

One great thing about going home (to New Jersey) for the weekend is collecting A LOT of new goodies for my closet. My mom and I have worn the same size everything for the past six or seven years. We also have very, very similar styles. Combine that with the fact that my mom is an "expert shopper" (according to my boyfriend) and a girl's closet is bound to become fabulous in no time flat.

Thank's to Mom's "in" on the New York fashion scene - I was able to score a handful of Michael Simon tops on the cheap!! (Two for $35! ...I got more than two!) I now have some great sweater coats, crocheted tops, and a velvet tunic with gem details that I'm really excited to unveil at my birthday celebrations next month. These tops are certain to make debuts at work this week if the weather cooperates.

My first and favorite of these tops is a black/gray zip jacket in a leopard print. (Search Michael Simon on the Neiman Marcus website and you'll get a great taste at his style!) The high in DC today isn't going to reach over 70 degrees - a wonderful sign that fall is just a few short weeks ago. So, given the opportunity I hiked on a pair of cut-out tights (from www.welovecolors.com), a new theory skirt (black, high-wasted), a white Elie Tahari blouse with sleeves that have the option to roll up (there's a button and strap to keep them up!), and a Michael Simon sweater jacket in black and gray leopard print. This jacket is just beyond fabulous... it has a mock collar, and a thick zipper 2/3 up the front. Combined with great black trim - it is the definition of a statement piece. To top it all off, I put on one of my knee-high black leather boots (Cole Haan - got these for a GREAT deal on www.smartbargains.com my senior year in college - actually, now that I think about it this site used to sell clothing from Loehmann's, the tags were on and you could return in store, but I have not purchased anything from them recently. I must go searching, can't believe I've forgotten about them! But, I digress.)

I'll post a picture of my ensemble later this evening... once I've left the office. And I'll be sure to share more about the other pieces I scored this past weekend... especially my one token item. I'll give you some hints... it was waiting in a soft brown satchel, it has leather, and some gold hardware. All in all, thanks Mom! :)

Here is my outfit from yesterday, standing by my kitchen table after a long day of work.
The instragram makes my hand look a little mutated, but I think the colors pop!

Beautiful manolos - thanks, Mom :)
Can't wait to wear these as soon as the rain stops.

A pair of theory pants. Not too sure how I feel about these.
They're a little big in the hips, thus they are "genie"-ish.
But paired with a tight tank and heels... it could work!

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