Friday, September 23, 2011

community family life services

My Junior League (of Washington) placement this year is with a great program called Community Family Life Services (CFLS). You can read all about their mission at their website, here, but I'll provide you with a brief synopsis! They help low income and homeless families, usually single parents, by providing transitional housing, life coaching, and a positive environment for the family.

The Junior League's involvement with CFLS started as a book club for the mom's... it has transitioned to so much more! The group of volunteers come once or twice a month to provide the mom's and kids with dinner, then we divide the moms and kids for separate activities. We hang out with the families for 90 minutes during each visit.

Last night the children decorated cookies for their moms! And I joined the conversation with the mother's... we played two truths and a lie. Mine was:

  1. I am a twin.
  2. I blog.
  3. I do flying trapeze.
Can you guess which one is the lie?! :)

After introductions we read a page of quotes on happiness and talked about what makes everybody happy. I found out that one of the moms is a blogger too! So, I am going to have to get her site and post it here to share with you all. Another mom said that horseback riding makes her happy! Not sure if I've written about my horseback riding adventures here but I used to ride for the Penn State Equestrian Team (just one year) and rode as a kid for a couple of years. I'm a novice by most means, but I did get a ribbon during my one show with Penn State! 

I had a great time during my first night at CFLS and look forward to going back in two weeks!! 

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