Wednesday, September 28, 2011

high flying death defying

It's Wednesday, folks, you know what that means... trapeze class recap! Last night was a tie-dye theme. Everybody showed up in tie-dyed shirts, tights, spandex... you name it, it was dyed. Here's our class photo!

Peace, Mandy!
Shannon (not pictured) and I even sported the same tie-dye spandex from We Love Colors. A little about We Love Colors... they make affordable tights, footless tights, spandex, and then some. They have a great assortment of patterns and colors. Works great for the trapeze artist as well as the fashionista in me! Remember the post  (<-- click) I wrote about my outfit I wore as soon as the weather turned cold; boots, tights, pencil skirt & sweater jacket? Those tights were from We Love Colors!

PS - you know what was so great about having Water Marble Nail Art this week?! My nails were tie-dye too :)

And last, but certainly not least... here's a video from catching my back-end straddle whip!! A BIG HUGE thank you to my amazing instructors; Mandy, Will, and Marissa for coaching me through my struggles last night and helping me get this trick "catchable"!!

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