Friday, September 16, 2011

weekend fun!

Boom - it's after 5PM on a Friday and I'm still working, but that's okay!! Because as soon as I'm done I get to pack my bags for Penn State this weekend. I have not been back to my alma mater since Senior year. I did graduate a semester early, but I went back to visit my roommates that Spring... two and a half years ago! I can't believe I haven't been back to Happy Valley since then. Also, I'm really looking forward to sharing my love of nittany lions, creamery ice cream, west halls, and the quads with Ross. Hopefully I can keep him somewhat entertained and pull out those random tidbits of information I could spatter out like a professional tour guide. If not, I'm sure he'll politely follow my hops, skips, and jumps down Pollock Road thinking to himself "I don't care, I didn't go here."
The catalyst for bringing me back to campus is my college roommate's wedding shower!! Tomorrow afternoon we'll all be gathering at her parent's house for a Jack & Jill style shower.

Here's a picture of the bride (top-right), myself (bottom-left), and two other bridesmaids at the Nittany Lion statue after graduation. We were all roommates throughout our time at Penn State... maybe we'll recreate this picture over the weekend?!
Do you go back to visit your college or university often? What do you miss most about your campus and what do you look forward to during a visit?

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