Friday, September 9, 2011

the hunger games

Last September I volunteered at the National Book Festival with the Junior League of Washington. One of the authors joining the signings was Suzanne Collins, most recently known for writing The Hunger Games trilogy. I was clueless as to what this meant a year ago as I watched teenagers and their parents alike line up in eager anticipation.

A year later after I caught wind of friends and peers reading this series I was intrigued. A friend is now on book 3 and suggested I borrow the first two because she expected I would like it. Morgan - you were right!! I am utterly addicted to these books. Actually sitting here to write about them makes me twitch with excitement and look forward to that moment I can open the book again. Just this afternoon I was thankful for a 9-floor elevator ride so I could squeeze in a few sentences.

I won't provide a synopsis of the story here as you can easily find one online. I would like to say, though, this is one of the most illustrative books I have ever read. I would consider myself a "visual reader" as I can picture everything happen in motion picture while I read books (typically fiction). However, with The Hunger Games it's like I'm not even reading the words. I can vividly see two star-crossed teenage lovers in front of me acting this out.

So, yes... this has a tone similar to Twilight, in that sense. But I promise, if you're looking for a guilty pleasure read, or your new page turner, then The Hunger Games trilogy should be next on your list! You won't be disappointed.

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  1. Caitlin- I am on the third book. I read these on the metro, on my lunch break, walking down the streets of DC. I actually bumped into someone the other day because I was walking down the street with my nose in a book. Great choice!