Thursday, September 29, 2011

nail polish is the new lipstick

My polish collection has recently exploded. My fascination with nail art has grown exponentially. And my searching for tutorials has brought me deeper and deeper into the blogsphere. I thought it was just me. Alas, I was wrong. On Morning Joe this morning TIME magazine presented their newest cover and issue. Inside is an article about how nail polish is the new lipstick. They are referring to the "Lipstick Index" a term used to describe increased sales of lipstick during recessions. The theory behind the madness is that women like to make small purchases, of an insignificant cost, to feel better about themselves when the economy is down. Lipstick is something that won't break your wallet... and neither is nail polish!

Listening to Joe and Mika mention the article it was in my head! And now I come across an article on Refinery 29 discussing the cult around nail art! Then I begin thinking about all the fabulous designs I've discovered (and pine to recreate) on pinterest this week.

Nail polish really has become the new lipstick. It's a small purchase that makes a lot of women happy!!

Here are the next two designs in my line up...

This looks so elegant... and I have four types of scrapbooking scissors I can use to cut the scotch tape!
I'm loving the tan, navy, and gold combo. I don't have a gold so I'm now on a mission. Also, I think the half-moon on the cuticle is such a great look. Remember seeing this on the runway a few years ago!

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