Wednesday, September 7, 2011

turkey sandwiches and other random thoughts

So I have a thing with sandwiches. They must be made in a particular way. I'm not quite sure how or when this particularness formed, but over this years it has certainly become more defined. Last night as I was making my (and Ross') lunch for today it dawned on me as I asked Ross, "how do you like your turkey laid on your sandwich?" His look of confusion illustrated a thought passing through his mind... "is that a serious question?" 

But yes, if I have the option and I have my way I like my sandwiches made in a particular fashion. As follows...
  • Mustard (or mayo, but usually mustard) smeared on the top half (Ross likes mayo smeared on both sides)
  • Turkey placed on the bottom half - it is very important NOT to simply lay it flat and fold the turkey, I don't like flat turkey on my sandwiches. Can you picture the Boars Head ads? (Which by the way, Board Head Oven Gold Roast Turkey is the only turkey to buy. No questions about that.) I prefer to have my turkey sort of dropped and draped onto the bread, just like in the ads.
  • Cheese goes on top of the turkey. Folded or placed so that not much hangs off the sides. (It's cheese, people, you can break it and fold it there's no reason for it to stick out an inch!)
  • If there are additional toppings; lettuce, onions, olives, pickles, etc. They get put on top of the cheese.
So there you have it: bread, meat, cheese, condiment, bread. Sometimes (yes, I know this makes me a brat) if my Mom makes me a sandwich and it's not in that order I'll take it apart and reconstruct it. Or turn the sandwich upside down if the mustard is on the bottom. However, I do recognize this is fairly rude so I don't take this action unless it's Mom's sandwich... afterall, she has to love me unconditionally ;-)

And to end my rant... here's a picture of my parent's dog, Lucky. He's eating a frosty paws shortly after getting some of our New York strip steaks on Sunday. He's spoiled and oh so loved!! 

What a cutie!! :)

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