Tuesday, September 13, 2011

essie colors for fall

Correction, my lovely blog readers (and I do mean lovely - after all, I had 165 page views yesterday!! Thanks for the love, y'all!) - my essie nail polish color is called "Carry On" not "Catch Up". It's a new color in their Fall 2011 line - I feel so trendy having it on without knowing it was from their new line (thanks for the gift, Mom!).

Thank you, Krista, for sharing your love of essie nail polish with me because you helped me correct my previous post. You have also given me an itch to stop at Bed Bath & Beyond on my way home from work to pick up "Power Clutch" - that is one fab dark gray polish that I can't wait to get my fingers and toes on this fall.

What's your favorite color?
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Also - apologies for a quiet blog today... it's been a busy day!

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