Friday, September 16, 2011

i have a theme after all

As some of you may know, Patent Leather Shoes used to have a theme; fashion. My tag line was "trend spotting and trend setting" - I happen to still really love this tag line, but I found that it was no longer applicable as I relaunched my blog.

I stopped posting about two years ago because I felt constrained and forced to write on specific topics. Posting wasn't fun anymore, it was work and took effort. And while I will still post about fashion and trends now, I have more freedom to go outside that box. I'll talk about weekend plans, cooking, crafting, a random thought... anything that I might be doing and interested in sharing! This was much more appealing as I relaunched this past August. Hence my new tag line "'s all about me!"

Unfortunately (or fortunately), my vision for a theme-less blog has been disrupted. It seems that I have a theme after all. It's one would call a "lifestyle blog" because as my friend Nev put it "well it's about your life and your style and your preferences... right?" Okay, Nev, I suppose your right. I'll through in the towel and admit defeat. I have a themed blog after all.

But this can be a good thing... now when I market my blog and my posts I'll have new hashtags to put into the mix!! So, if you're on twitter follow me at @LadyXVII (the XVII stands for seventeen... the date of my birthday which is next month!) and also keep track of my new hashtag #lifestyleblog!

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