Monday, September 12, 2011

i can wear dark polish... yay fall!

Let me preface this blog with, I know it is not technically fall, yet. However, it's no longer summer vacation and it's post-Labor day so I have decided this gives me free reign to start embracing the fall season early. Deal with it. Additionally, I much prefer living in places with four distinct seasons as this let's you really appreciate the differences in your wardrobe and accessories. Specifically shoes and nailpolish. Have I mentioned my affinity for boots lately?

Last Friday it was time for my self-mani/pedi (if I had the time, I would paint my fingers and toes every other day or to match my daily outfits!). While I do enjoy sitting in a nail salon getting professional services done, just like any other girl, I really like painting my own nails! Ross claims this is due to my "meticulous nature" (code for OCD). He's probably right, but I digress.  To get ready for fall (or to pretend it's already here) I went with dark colors... yay fall! I believe that the polish on my nails is called "Catch Up" by essie, it's a very dark purple. You actually can't see the purple tint until the light hits it just right. But it is purple, I promise.
Secondly - now that the rain has stopped my suede shoes have come out to play! *Correction, my suede Manolos! So happy to wear these around the office today :)

Cheers, y'all!

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