Friday, September 23, 2011

make his, yours

This morning as I got ready for work I threw on some staples; black pants, white dress shirt, and some jewelry. While putting on my make-up and pulling my wet hair up into a messy bun I looked in the mirror and noticed that I hadn't put on a belt. Since all my jewelry was gold I couldn't wear my small black belt because it has a silver buckle (there are times where I am willing to mix my hardware and there are times where I am not!). As I noticed this void in my outfit I expressed "I wish I had a skinny black belt with a gold buckle" at which point Ross, who I had no idea was listening, responded "you can wear mine." I thought this was so sweet, and it actually reminded me of the time I wore his cufflinks to work!
Almost one year ago I packed a french cuff shirt during a sleepover at Ross'. When I got dressed in the morning I noticed that I failed to pack the cufflinks to my shirt (you know, the Brooks Brother's standard white knots!) to which Ross replied, "Here, you can wear mine." At first I hesitated because his cufflinks are monogrammed, but who would really notice? Besides, my other alternative was folding up my french cuff sleeves pre-9AM and that didn't sound very enticing. So in went the cufflinks! At work that afternoon my coworker Cindy exclaimed, "Are those Ross' cufflinks?" The girls got a good laugh and thought it was very considerate of Ross to offer them for my use. When I saw Ross later that evening and shared this story along with "I've always wanted a pair of monogrammed cufflinks" he really listened because a few months later, on December 24th I opened a box which contained a beautiful pair of silver ovals engraved with CAV.
When Ross first offered his belt to share I responded, "No, thank you." I continued getting ready... pittering here... pattering there... and not ten minutes went by before I had Ross' monogrammed belt with the gold buckle on! Ross noticed a few minutes later... and my coworkers noticed a few hours later... but you know what? I don't care! I'm happy to wear Ross' brand (whether it be belt or cufflinks!) and proud to call him my boyfriend :)