Monday, September 19, 2011


During our four hour drive out to Penn State this weekend Ross and I got to enjoy the benefits of our new XM radio subscription! This was such an unexpected feature when we went car shopping. And we are still trying to figure out which stations we like best. For now I am partial to 20 on 20, The Blend, 80s on 8, and 90s on 9. I also am loving the fact that Z100 from New York City has a station since I grew up listening to The Z Morning Zoo!

One song that I heard a handful of times was "Faster" by Matt Nathansosn. It sounded vaguely familiar during the first play and I was surprised that I was casually singing along with a few of the lyrics. Then on it's second play I decided to shazam it and that's when it clicked... I have this song on my spotify playlists because the program recommended the song to me recently. It's really catchy and fun to listen to! The rest of his CD "Modern Love" is also worth a listen.

Check it out here and let me know what you think :)

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