Thursday, September 1, 2011

interesting & unique

In October I'll be attending a week-long training for work. In preparation of these sessions I received an email asking for a photo, my hometown, and two unique or interesting facts about me. Quickly I added trapeze to that list, but then I had a hard time coming up with a second.

In my mind I began listing out the things I like to do: blog, tweet, paint, cook, craft, bake... but none of these are really unique OR interesting.

To my colleagues I went!

In a matter of moments, seconds, no it was more like nano-seconds they reminded me that I hiccup every time I eat. I kid you not - since I was in high school - after every meal, without fail, I'll hiccup a handful of times. Thankfully these aren't long bouts of diaphragm spasms... it's usually less than three in total. And sometimes it makes for an interesting conversation bender. Especially if there's alcohol involved, because my company usually puts blame on that. At dinner... "Caitlin, did you have too much wine?" "Nope, it was my entree, I promise." Usually followed by some rounds of laughter and interesting banter for a bit.

I've had people try to recommend remedies, but none work. Controlling my breathing is the only hope for control I have over them, and sometimes that doesn't work (but that's typically during a 5 minute spasming, not just two). But, it's who I am and who I will be and that's okay. Thankfully I have never hiccuped during an interview - I think that would be the most awkward of places to experience my little habit.

In closing, it's comforting that my coworkers are so nice... each afternoon, post-hiccup I hear soft chuckles of love. Thanks guys ;)

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