Friday, September 2, 2011

i heart jersey

For Labor Day weekend Ross and I are spending time with family in New Jersey. We had originally planned to spend the long weekend at his family's beach house along the Long Island Sound, but the aftermath of Hurricane Irene quickly took that option off the table.

This morning we went out to have Jersey bagels for breakfast! I was so engrossed in my food that I completely forgot to take a picture of my "taylor ham, egg, and cheese on a poppy bagel with salt, pepper, ketchup." It's pretty much the go-to breakfast sandwich in New Jersey. I love Jersey bagels, or NYC bagels, no other place can match them. I can't believe it is technique that makes them different, because if that were the case Jersey families long ago would have relocated and made a FORTUNE with our recipe. No, it's not the technique, I am convinced it's the water. Seriously-google it, it's the water.

Following breakfast we walked around downtown - the weather today is so BEAUTIFUL. And then we stumbled upon the flagship Century 21**.  I completely forgot it was located in Morristown. I've been to the Manhattan site and the new store in Paramus, but I have never visited the flagship. So upon spotting this infamous fashion landmark I nearly ran up to the front doors... just to find out they were closed! :( Their power has not been fully restored from the hurricane. (Gosh - the effects of Irene are seriously affecting my weekend plans!)

But, fear not. Because now that we're ready for the day we're off to the Short Hills mall to go shopping for Louboutins!!! I love that New Jersey doesn't tax clothes and shoes. And with a purchase this big, that tax break really makes a difference.

(Oh dear, my BlackBerry camera's got nothing on my iPhone.)

**For those of you not from the NJ/NYC area and thus unfamiliar with "Century 21" I am referring to the department store, not the real estate company. Century 21 is like an enormous Loehmann's. They are a discount department store - they have designer and brand name clothes, shoes, accessories, and more all at fabulous prices. It's a go to stop anytime I am in New Jersey (after all, a girl can never have too many pairs of hanky panky's or tights!).

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