Thursday, September 22, 2011

french seventy-five

Last night I joined a group of colleagues for a happy hour at the 701 Restaurant in DC. Nice swanky place with fun cocktails! I was really excited to try a new drink (for me!) so I wasn't even tempted to scan the drink menu.

This little baby is what's called a, "French 75". My friend and co-worker, Laurie, introduced me to them. She's a fan because "it's the only way I can drink champagne!" (Something tells me this will be occupying her flute on her wedding day!)

It's a really simple drink that you can order at any bar; a combination of gin, champagne, lemon juice, and a bit of sugar (simple syrup). My drink last night was not too sweet, I could still taste the tartness of the lemon while the sweetness of the champagne left a lasting impression on my palette!

But what's more impressive than the drink is it's background story! Thank you, Bryan for sharing this wonderful history with me!

The combination of ingredients was sweet and delicious, but when 
you finish you feel like you just got hit by a French 75. For all you 
non-gun-slinging folks out there (a.k.a., ME!) a French 75 is a very 
powerful gun also nicknamed a "75 Cocktail".

I didn't have quite this reaction to my glass, but I'll admit... it is a potent little one. Can't wait to have some more, though! This is definitely going to be joining my list of go-to cocktails. So, thanks again, Laurie ;-)


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