Monday, September 19, 2011

host with the most

Saturday was the wedding shower for my dear friend and college roommate, Rebecca and her fiance, Michael. We all went to Penn State together and they're incorporating the blue and white color scheme into their wedding!

To launch the activities of their wedding we had a Jack & Jill shower at Rebecca's parents home! This was hosted by the bridal party (myself and six other lovely ladies; college friends and the bride's sisters) and her parents. The day's events really represented the couple well. We had yummy snacks like cheese and crackers and fruit salad. As well as some beer and vino... and of course some apple cider to welcome in the fall weather!

 As I mentioned earlier, the color scheme is blue and white which we incorporated into a number of different aspects such as tableware, favors, and gifts for the couple! For party favors the bridesmaids rounded up two dozen mason jars with the dry ingredients for chocolate chip cookies and chewy brownies!! Each jar was topped with a piece of fabric, either blue or white, and a recipe with the additional wet ingredients, time and temperature was tied to the necks. This was a really great favor that all the bridesmaids were able to partake in.

As a gift from the bridal party, I painted a wooden sign with the married couple's new last name and "established 2011". It came out really great!! The background is painted a navy blue (though it looks a bit lighter in this picture) and the font was an off-white. I also lightly brushed some off-white on the edges and sanded and wiped these parts for a distressed look.

I didn't use a stencil! This was done free-hand while
Hurricane Irene stormed right outside the window :)

For activities we printed out The Good Wife's Guide from Housekeeping Monthly in 1955! Michael read a number of these "expectations" out loud which was really funny for the whole party. If you have not seen or read this article, check it out here! After this we started the newlyweds game... who knows each other better?! The bridesmaids had previously collected the answers to a number of questions. When Rebecca and Michael were asked to guess their partner's response it was really rather comical! Rebecca won with 11 out of 18, but Michael wasn't far behind with 8. The prize options were a bag of baby carrots (because what bride isn't on a wedding diet!) and a bag of M&M's. Rebecca chose the baby carrots and then also got the Penn State koozie!!

We got back into town yesterday and I haven't had a chance to upload my pictures yet... so I'll share more photographs of the party later tonight or tomorrow!!

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